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Laser Engraving Work Form


Mail in your laser engraving projects! Please fill out this form, email us the artwork you are wanting to have engraved on your product and mail the product into us with a print out of this form. It's that easy!


BASIC COST- for all laser engraving projects Texas Loot Charges a $35 Set up fee and $25 per engraving. If something is laser engraved on each side that will be classified as 2 engravings. Customer will be charged for return shipping. For bulk Laser engraving projects please Email us for wholesale pricing.

FRAME & SERIALIZED ITEMS ENGRAVING- Engraving your serialized items is simple with this work form we are able to ship the item right back to you! Set up for serialized inventory is $35 plus $25 per engraving. this price includes things such as custom logos, NFA engravings and custom Designs. Customer will be charged for return shipping.

LASER STIPPLING- Please email us a design type that you would like to have stippled on your pistol. If you would like to choose from a file that we already have please email us at for more options. For all laser stippling Texas Loot charges $175 which includes all set up cost, prep and laser work. Customer will be charged for return shipping.


Name (First & Last):______________________________________________________________________


Email Address:____________________________________________________________________________


Return Shiping Address:_________________________________________________________________


Serial Number:___________________________  Model: _______________________________________


  • Email your artwork to
  • Email us your tracking information
  • Email a copy of this form

    By Signing this Document I have agreed to all cost and that Texas Loot is not liable for any damaged or incorrect logos files or placement. I understand that Texas Loot Will reach out to me and confirm placement and size of engraving and have it approved by me before engraving.


Printed Name:__________________________



SIGN:__________________________________   Date:__________________